Abraham Herr Haus, 1729



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For over thirty years, Gemma de la Fuente and Lynn Scott Paden have been dedicated to the preservation of historic structures and sites which define the past, serving as vessels of our collective memory. The cultural patrimony in which we live, work and play is an irreplaceable resource that provides our future generations the unique opportunity to understand the present, through the reading of the past. 

Unlike other cultural objects, buildings must continue to serve their occupants, even as the surrounding world changes, putting more demands upon them. The challenge as preservation architects, is then two fold. How do we maintain usefulness while protecting the fabric and characteristics that define them as historic artifacts? 

Citadel accomplishes this via thorough research and examination, an understanding of technology, past and present, and acceptance of the reality that a building unoccupied is a building at risk. From museum quality restorations and reconstructions to rehabilitation and adaptive re-use, we provide our clients with fiscally responsible solutions that abide by the Secretary of Interior's Standards.

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